Healthier Ways through Healthier Days

Healthier Days® is a resource for healthy living. Here is what you can do with this valuable resource:

CREATE your own weekly programs for healthy living using an on-line Action Record.
EAT HEALTHIER with guidance from our Daily Healthy Eating Tracker.
EXERCISE by establishing a structured program through the same Action Record you can use for healthier eating.
RECEIVE daily e-mails to remind you of what you scheduled on your Action Record.
TRACK on-line the impact of your Healthier Days pursuits - track weight changes, healthy eating, exercise, blood pressure, heart rate, cholesterol, blood sugar, HbA1c, Body Mass Index (BMI), waist/hip circumference.
BROWSE the more than 1,100 healthy recipes available within the Healthier Days system; you might even be tempted to try some of them.
READ about a variety of health and medical subjects we cover in more than 300 short (two page) articles written by our experts and available right on our website.
WRITE your healthier living thoughts and experiences in an on-line journal.
ASK questions through an on-line messaging system and receive answers from Healthier Days staff.

Everybody pursuing "healthier days" begins with a check-up - an on-line Healthy Living Check-up.©
Answer 10 lifestyle questions and immediately get a Healthy Living Report Card.© To take the Healthy Living Check-up, click on the Healthy Living Check-up bullet on the left side of this page. The Report Card will show you where there is room for improvement, giving you a foundation for your pursuit of "healthier days."

We wish you well - actually, we wish you WELLNESS! Thanks for considering Healthier Days!